Monday, June 20, 2011

C-Section to the Resque

I was telling to my husband the other day that I found an idea to help commuters.
"Nima we can make a website in which every commuter can register and those who are commuting the same way can find each other and car pull" I told Nima with a ray of pride in my voice like I found a million dollors idea.
"Honey the website is already out there. That's how my colleague find someone for his wife to commute from Burlington to Markham" Said Nima with slight mischief in his voice.

Seriously people, can't I have one original idea that nobody think of it before :)
I am not gonna give up. One of these days a million dollar idea will come out. Push Push


Behi said...

:)))) Kisses

Hiva said...

When I get the million dollars idea I will buy a big palace that all of us can live there happily together :)

Behi said...

Now you're talking ;) :D