Monday, July 16, 2012


I failed my G driving test today. Here in Ontario when you pass the road test you get your G2 driving test which expires in 5 years. Before this happens you have to get your G liscence.

Honestly I thought I've done a great job. I looked at my mirrors like every freaking 5 seconds, checked both sides of the intersection even when the green light was on, try to stick to 40 km/hr speed limit, pooooh

When the test finished the officer told me "unfortunately you didn't meet the ministry requirements today,..." He lost me at "unfortunatellllllllllllly".

What really bothering me is that here in Ontario people drive like crazy (I mean in Canadian scale). If you dare stick to your speed limit, cars will tale-gate you really bad, and even worse you might even meet with some of the drivers finger. If you stop behind every stop sign for "1001, 1002, and 1003" I bet someone will honk for you or the other driver whose turn is after you will just go.  If you look at into your mirrors every 5 seconds I bet you will ended up having an accident for not paying attention to your front. You see drivers here talking on the phone, texting, eating, even rare occasions reading.

I am a good driver for god sake. Never had an accident in the past 5 years.  I think the ministry should get real in examining the applicants. Instead of pretending that as a good driver you should pass 250 items, just see how skilled I am, How comfortable I am, If I am a danger to the road..What is the benefit of pretending to be "by the book" for 20 minutes and then go back to this jungle and drive as we all know how.

I have to book the damn test again, take few hours off the work again, pay the fee again...
I am pissed off you can tell ..


Deep Blue Sea said...

Hi Hiva

Clearly you are pissed, and for a good reason.

The process of consciously following all written rules will make lose focus on actual driving. What they should probably do is - they should make sure the guy who is the Officer is well qualified - means in his own test he should do all things correctly and get high marks. Once that is done they should give him little freedom to examine drivers - so he can judge drivers on their real quality of driving. Just make sure they do well in some main aspects like not jumping red lights and switching lanes etc.

Deep Blue Sea

Behdokht said...

aksesho bede, khodam pare mikonam barat :)

Hiva said...

DBS 100% agree

Behi bashe mail mikonam :):)

Georg said...

Bonjour Hiva,

Wish you good luck for next time. First, I googled to find out what G2 means.

As to speed limits and all that, I think they must be respected because they are LAW. And it avoids fines, makes you drive cheaper burning less of the stuff and lastly it enhances your capacity to drive with precision. I mean everybody is able to things approximatively.

Did you ask the officer why you fail? Try to find out.


Hiva said...

Hi George,

I know you are write. When I was writing this post I wasbveryvfrustrated. The officer was a very nice man who explained to me why I failed. Basically didnt check my blind spot all the time and things like that.

I'll be more carefully next time which is in two weeks. :):)

Georg said...


What do you mean by "blind spot"?


Hiva said...

Those spots that can't be seen in the mirror and you have to turn your head to make sure there is no cars, etc before changing lanes or turning right

Georg said...

Now I get it, Hiva. You have just improved my English.

Here in France, we call the same thing "angle mort" = dead angle. What I am doing is to redirect both outside rear mirrors so as to position them in such a way that they DON'T show a part of the right and left front doors. By doing this kind of positioning, you place the blind spot some 15 cm (5 inches) in the air, near those doors where nothing happens anyway. Now no car would escape your notion and you might even impress the examination officer by explaining what you are doing.

Hope I have made myself undeerstood.


Hiva said...

Oh George you dont know these officers. No place for invention ::)