Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Just a simple note

It's a hot beautiful summer in Ontario. I am settling down at work which I like it very much so far. Life is good. Nima and I ride a bike with couple of friends every other Sunday. Last week we were riding along the river and at the same time there were people were walking their dogs, few people were sitting on a bench talking, a family or a group of friends were walking. I felt grateful. Happiness is that simple :)

I have something in my mind to do. I don't wanna talk about it know. I should do it. I know I can. I am telling to myself for that you should get a cottage or something with a nice view, clean your mind and sit. I don't know maybe later maybe now.


Deep Blue Sea said...

Hi Hiva,

Do you want to write a book ? :-)

Deep Blue Sea

Hiva said...

Smart Boy ;)

Behi said...

Take me into that cottage with you, won't talk or distract you, I promise! ;) :))

Hiva said...

Lets run away Behi :))) with Nima and Behrouz of coarse