Monday, July 15, 2013

Triathlon, Hiva's version :)

If I may replace biking with driving, then I just did my first triathlon Hiva's version. :)
45 minutes of swimming, followed by 20 minutes of running in a weather felt like 35 degree of Celsius and of course driving :)
I emptied the whole bottle of water over  my head and still felt like burning during a run. Nima and I have started running this summer. Today was our 8th week of running. We wanted to get a momentum that keeps us active till the end of the next cold season. Being active in a hot damp summer and a cold windy winter is impressive. Hats off to all Torontonian who stays active four seasons :):). 

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Behdokht said...

Only reading about what you did and are doing is refreshing, I should collect my lazy a... as well and do exercise a little bit, I recently found out that I forgot whatever I learnt during our swimming course and got back to level 0, hats off to me too! ;) :D