Monday, March 31, 2014

Say hello to Mr Tangi

As a tradition which I am not sure when started, we Iranian (maybe other persians do it too) buy a red gold fish in a bowl for our 7sin table. I remember from childhood, we would bought three or four gold fish. Some wouldn't make it to two weeks and some would last a year.

Now I know gold fish need aquarium to survive. I stopped buying fish for 7sin for the past few years. This year I really wanted a perfect table. I knew the only fish which is comfortable in a bowl is a Beta fish. I bought a beautiful orange Beta for our table this year. Named Tangi short for Tangerine  because of his colour (this idea occur to me thanks to Scotia Bank who named ING , Tangerine now). 

Tangi is one happy male Beta, only few months old. He is making bubble nest already hoping to get lucky which sadly is not going to happen. Betas are very aggressive and territorial. In a bowl a male Beta even don't tolerate a female beta let alone another male. 

He eats his protein with added vitamin twice a day and swallow blood worms as a treat. I am careful not to overfeed him since this little gready fellow has a stomach as big as his eye.  My colleage the other day was teasing me about me having a fish as a pet. We were at lunch and he was having Mahi-Mahi. I didn't have name for Tangi yet and he was helping to choose one. "Call him lunch, oh oh I got it , call him Mahi-Mahi, oh no, since he is little call him just Mahi you know 1 rather than 2" :D

I have a picture of Tangi with fully open fins.


Anonymous said...

Whow, Mr. Tangi looks pretty frightening to me. I think he would perhaps even try to attack a human being, if the two are kept in one and the same pool.

Hiva said...

:D I think he is mistaken his reflection with another male and puff up to look scary.

radius said...

It is interesting that already fish understand that bluffing can be more efficiant to get rid of an enemy than starting a real fight. At least it is less physically damaging.
regards, Michael

Hiva said...

That's true :)