Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Job posting: highly skilled worm traveller

We were watching The Universe today, an episode on worm holes, time traveling, black holes, etc. fascinating concepts around worm hole, makes me wonder, could we one day actually manage to use this highly unstable dangerous holes to visit another universe or even another time?

Imagine a day that we finally find these, but who dares to get into one? Probably a Viking descendent , the adventurers bloodline.

These holes are unstable based on what mathematical equations show. We might need to use dark matters to balance the hole wall. But even if we find a highly skilled adventurer who dares to step into this tunnel, no body knows where and what era the hole is heading.

One might ends up into the center of a burning star, or goes back in time where hairly Homo hadn't discovered fire yet. One might never comes back or comes back with "adventure of Galiver".

Physics is amazing, tries to find the answer to our most fundamental questions.

-What was before Big Bang? What did trigger this?
- The world is finite, what does this mean?
-Are there anybody out there? How do they look like?
-Can we actually travel past in time and physically be among people who were dead thousands of years ago?
- This amazing world of quantum physics , general and relativity physics and even Newtonian physics, how these rules came to become rule?
-Why gravity attract things? Why there is a reaction to every action? Where laws of physics are coming from?

Will actually one day, we learn about all these?

Maybe my grand grand grand grand grand daughter knock on my door one day and simply say hi granny I am coming from future. Of course I will call 911 right away.


A Room of One's Own said...

“Two possibilities exist: either we are alone in the Universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying.”
― Arthur C. Clarke

Check out this site.

It is very interesting. This is simply beautiful and awesome, and shows how our universe is big. Isn't it just awesome?

Anonymous said...

Hello out there, thats me, a lost soul. Before the big bang I lived a normal live, as you all do. I went to my office every day, the entrance was through a mouse-hole. I work for the red queen and had to suffer from her changing moods. One day in fierce anger she said the forbidden phase, and that triggered the catastrophy you call the big bang. For you it was the beginning of everything, for us it was the end. Only our spirits survived, and some of us managed to settle in the world wide web.

We came in peace !


Hiva said...

:d well hopefully your red queen won't say the forbidden phrase anytime soon.

Anonymous said...

Hello Hiva, In fact, the red queen already suffers from dementia, and therefore she tried to memorize the forbidden phrase from a piece of paper. Now us, together with the white rabbit and humpty-dumpty took the paper away from her and burned it (at a Norooz bone-fire). Instead, we smuggled into her pocket another piece of paper, on which we wrote some of Hafiz' Ghazals. This should make sure that a Big-Bang never happens again, but the next time the red queen tries to collapse the entire universe, she will hear admiration and applause for the nice poetry.


Hiva said...

Alice, that was very brave and sweet indeed. :)