Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Vita Angle

Some time for a fraction of moment, I manage to look at things from a certain angle. I call it Vita Angle. On that moment thanks to Vita Angle, the order of things change in my mind. I feel like for a fraction of second, I can see what really matters and what really not. I can see how small are my big problems; how meaningless is my grudge, disappointment or my anger toward this or that person. I can see how short my life is, a bubble by the sea. I can see what big mistake it is to hold and carry my empty heavy looked bagges. I can see I should stop carrying them and walk freely. 

I can see for that fraction of moment how much I care about my loved ones. From that angle my reasons to be angry with that colleague looks stupid. From Vita angle my reasons for disliking this or that sounds funny. 

Vita angle gives me a perspective, shows my life in real scale. Big problems shrinks and things that I take for granted grow larger all of a sudden. In that moment nothing is more important than holding my love's hand, talking, dancing, eating, and living every breath. 

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