Friday, August 17, 2007

Here is your paradise

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Lat Tuesday I came to Toronto to stay with Nima for a month, it will be the longest period that we two are together after our wedding. Like usual I am working all the day till Nima back home. These last five weeks at St. John’s the weather was great. Newfoundland has fabulous nature, beautiful beaches and jungles. I had a chance to go to Salmon cove beach, about 120km away from St. John’s. The place is amazing; there are several small islands so close to the beach that makes the views incredible. Allover the islands, seabirds make nests. Actually when I try to get to one of the islands the birds showed warning and aggressive gestures which made me back away. There is a very nice trail goes around the beach and covers with trees, berries, etc. the trail has a great overlook to the ocean. I think heaven must be something like that. I put some photos here; enjoy the beautiful Newfoundland’s nature.

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BEHI said...

So happy to know that you two are having a great month together.