Wednesday, August 22, 2007


One thing that really irritates me is to see dead squirrels and raccoons in highways. Here in Toronto there are many poor dead squirrels and raccoon on the road. The point is that this is us that interfere in their environment. We humans destroyed the forests and come into the world of these poor creatures and cause them death under the wheels of our car. This is not really fare.
There should be a way to reduce the number of attack; it is also much safer for us. I know it’s hard to stop the car or sometimes slow it dawn when suddenly one of these squirrels or raccoons appears in front of us, but if we can do it we should.
Here, it says that in Britain they put Rope Bridge in different part of the country to let he squirrels cross the busy roads and the good news is that, it is working. How about other courtiers try the same thing!!

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