Friday, August 03, 2007

My biggest Wish

I wish the technology could provide very fast airplanes for ordinary people that could fly from here to my hometown in 1 or 2 hours. Then it was so easy to get back home, and visit my parents and all those who I love so much every weekend.

It’s just so hard to visit your family once in a year, I keep missing my family’s birthday, I keep missing how my niece grows up. I am missing my best friends’ company…

I bet there are many people out there to have the same wish as me, more and more people are migrating to other places and left their beloved ones behind.

Thus dear dear engineers, would you please make my wish come true as soon as possible!!

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BEHI said...

I know this part of being apart from our loved ones is really tough.But we gain something and lose some other things at the same time and that's the way it just works. That's life with all its nice and hard parts.

Maybe your dream comes true with your future private jet,yaaaaah why not ;).