Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Before committee meeting , After committee meeting

Whenever I have a meeting with my supervisor committee, I feel I don’t now anything. I mean it you know. Nima always tells me that I am exaggerating about my weaknesses. I don’t know about exaggeration but that feeling is quite right.

Some times at the middle of the meeting I feel I am among the aliens and they are talking strange language that I don’t understand it. You know, it’s like you stand close to the group of people who are taller than you thus they can see scenes that you can’t. You jump up and down to be able to see and at the end you just feel frustrated.

I hate this feeling, to be suspended in the air and don’t know exactly where you are standing of your research’s path. How much close you are to finish it?

I used to be a good student during my bachelor and master years at university. I can’t become suddenly stupid, can I?

Knowledge is the key to all this lack of understanding, a key to understand the aliens’ language. I have a feeling that I should just carry on, and one day not so far away there would be a flash of light that brightens everything and makes me laugh to this post. I cross my finger for that day.


BEHI said...

What a beautiful picture of you and what a sweet introduction in ABOUT ME part,
By the way,this last post made me laugh :-).

free bird said...

wow Hiva, i like your diary, and the way you express your pure far as ia remember you were among the few who had pure feelings to express; zende bashi