Sunday, July 08, 2007

Montreal Trip-Part II

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One of the most interesting exhibitions I have ever attended was made at Montreal science center. It was an exhibition named BODY WORLD 2, which was about a human anatomy. There were several bodies of men and women who devoted their bodies to science to be used after their death. The exhibition was hold before in Europe and Asia. It was amazing. Unfortunately we weren’t allowed to take any pictures but I do recommend you to visit the website and look at the documents they provided there. It was kind of strange feeling to think that the body you are looking at by interest was belong to real person who was alive some times ago.

Anyway, Nima and I also went to Montreal botanic garden. The garden was so pretty, including Japanese, Chinese, French, and English Garden. I was astounded buy the miniature scale of Japanese garden. As far as I understood they used to have a lake inside the garden full of the colorful fishes called life flowers. In Chinese garden there were several trees in pot. First I thought these miniature tress can’t grow up furthered but our guide correct me that because they are forced to be grown up in the little pot they formed the miniature copy of their natural size. One of the trees in the pot was about 200 years old. I upload several photos from botanic garden, including miniature trees and life flowers.

Let's see the rest of the pictures in part III.

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Behdokht said...

Woww,the photos are like somewhere in paradise.SO beautiful!

I think the body exhibition also was hold in the USA (Florida for sure), I've seen a video of it and it was truly amazing. it's worth visiting.

waiting for the part III ;).