Friday, July 13, 2007

Montreal Trip-Part III

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Nima and I went to Quebec City on July 3rd. It is about 230 km from Montréal to Québec city. This city is one of the oldest settlements in North America. Almost everyone there speak French. I heard that people there are kind of biased toward their language and if you are not be able to speak French they don’t bother to speak English. Anyway we stayed there only for a day and I found those who we were in contact with quite friendly.

Here in Canada, each province distinguished its automobiles’ license plate with a short sentence. For example you can see “Beautiful British Colombia” on those cars got licensed in BC. In Québec the sentence is “ Je me souviens” which means “I remember”. Nima told me that the meaning has something to do with English people overcome French people in Canada. I red in Wikipedia that the full quotation is "Je me souviens que né sous le lys, je croîs sous la rose" ("I remember that born under the lily, I grew under the rose" -- referring to the floral emblems of France and England), but this is undocumented. It is also taken by many to mean "I remember my French history and heritage" or, even, "I remember what the English did to the French".

We visited very beautiful Petit Champlain district, which is considered as Canada’s birth place. The city looks more like European cities, especially along Petit Champlain with narrow streets and hanged flowers on the walls.
For lunch we went to cozy restaurant. The way the waitresses dressed up and the restaurant decorations made us feel that we went back in time for 100 years.

Anyway it was our first trip together, and both of us enjoy our time. I certainly recommend Montreal and Québec city to anyone who has a chance to get there.


Mr.Behi said...

I have also met many friendly French fellows but I guess it is true that for them, doing things in "French way" is very important!
I always leave with a smile after meeting them...all the gestures when they see something odd or interesting...and all those sounds they make when they talk :)

BEHI said...

The part that says: I remember what English did to the French people reminds me a horror movie named: "I remember what you did last summer" coooool :D

BEHI said...

Sorry,it was: "I KNOW what you did last summer"... but whatever :)))))).

Abadany dar Holland said...

I have lived in Montreal for 6 month's and I too was amazed by "je me souviens". I have a magnet with that phrase on my fridge to remind of the good time I had there.