Sunday, July 08, 2007

Montreal Trip-Part I

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Nima and I went to Montreal for a week (last long weekend + three days off). It was awesome. Montreal is the second-largest city in Canada and the largest city in the province of Quebec. Most of the people there, speak French and you can feel the difference between people behavior in Montreal and Quebec with those who leave in English Canada.

I found Montreal more alive than those cities I used to leave in during these years (St. John’s and Toronto). Some of the shops at downtown are open until 9:00 PM and the downtown’s streets are really crowded. We were lucky since at the same time we were there, 28th Jazz festival was hold in Montreal for 11 nights and day which make the city more crowded and alive. The festival was hold by different musical bands in open spaces all over the main downtown streets.

We made a visit to Old Montreal which is the oldest part of the city. There we visited Notre-Dame Basilica the church which is made in 1672. Inside Notre-Dame there are several beautiful paintings all over the roofs and windows. Several tourists were inside the church and were taking the photos.

Montreal downtown is full of shops and restaurants with tables placed outside in open spaces. We found an Italian restaurant with wonderful pizza, very tasty which is not common here in Canada. Honestly I found Iranian pizza style more delicious than Canadian.

I like to share some of the beautiful photos we have taken from Montréal with you. Here is the part I which shows some photos from Notre-Dame and St Joseph church in Montreal.

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