Thursday, April 10, 2008

My Achilles' heel

Every person has his/her own capacity to tolerate anything that can get on one’s nerve. I always imagine everyone has circle around. The larger the radius of the circle the more tolerant the person is. Some people have a very small circle and things can easily get them to their borders and make them to show reaction, yield or what ever. Some people has a very wide circle around that barely anything can touch them, get on their nerve or make them to show any reactions. These people have a wide capacity of patience.
For me, I always wanted to expand my circle. I always try to increase the radius of the circle. There are many things that never make me angry and I can easily ignore but I have my own limitations. I have my own Achilles’ heel that if anyone put finger on it I will show reaction. I won’t yield that’s not me but I will get away from the person who sends arrow to my Achilles’ heel.
As I am growing up I learn more about myself. I discover my weak points. I don’t know if I always had that limitation and just because of the circumference it never showed up or I take it as I grow up.
I know one more things that about specific behavior that getting on my nerve I used to be more tolerant. But it’s like facing undesirable behavior for a long time can fill your bowl of tolerance for that specific behavior. Maybe for some people facing undesirable behavior makes them stronger to ignore it but for me it was not like that.

If I could just find Styx river...

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Nava said...

Hi. I have been reading your blog for a while now (I found here through Mrs Behi) and I like it.
I admit this is a very interesting point of view, specially the circles. The thing is sometimes our "sensitive" bottons get covered in "Now-it's-not-a-good-time-to-show-you-are-hurt", (as in "Maslehat-andishi") and when we are in an environment which we can express ourselves easily, they show up.
I myself, have different circles for different behaviors. Some, I can tolerate more, some, make me react even for the first time.

BTW, Happy new year, and hope you have a good year ahead.