Monday, April 21, 2008

Pettit Gardening

The weather warms up and spring is literally here. Everywhere you can see people start gardening and plant gorgeous flowers. One of our friends gave us some pretty perennials. We have a small back yard but I am still excited about gardening.
I am also thinking about planting some tomatoes and other vegetables in a pot good enough for two.


Unknown said...

Tomatoes!!!!! & good enough 4 two?!!!!!!!!! I think you must plant all the yard with tomatoes if u wish having it for 2 :D
One of the main sources of giving positive energy is being in the nature and the easiest way is planting.
You know what happened to my mom some years ago? She went and bought some tomato seeds and when she plant them ,cucumbers grows!!! Seeds were wrong and we laughed to her.

Anonymous said...

I started my planting few weeks ago and after my basilica seeds germinated I felt so proud of them like a mother! anyway, it's a good idea to have some green stuff around. I have to get some soil to move my sprouts in a new pot.
BTW, good luck with the tomatoes.