Monday, April 14, 2008

Remember Me?

I recently finished the story named “Remember Me?” by Sophie Kinsella that I received as my birthday gift. The story is nice and fun. The main idea of the story is quite fascinating.
Imagine you wake up in the morning and you lost past three years of your memory. You think it is April 15th 2005. What would you feel if someone tells about your past three years? Will you be surprised?
For me if I loose my past three years, the very first strange thing will be my husband. He will be totally stranger to me. We haven’t even met yet back in April 2005.
I expect to wake up in the morning and go to work everyday. I will have no idea that I am living in Canada and Behi is in Libya far far away.
Back in April 2005 I am working in a company and at the same time applying for some of the Canadian universities. I knew that my current supervisor is going to give me an admission so if some one told me you are a graduate student at memorial university and this is your 3rd year I won’t be that surprised. But being married for more than a year will definitely surprise me. Three years ago no one was in my life and I met Nima for the first time in July 2005.
I will have no clue about several friends that I made here in Canada. Who is this Eily by the way, sent me this book “The other Boleyn girl” as a gift? :) :)
Seriously imagine you have no clue about the past three years and someone tells you about yourself, what you did? And who you are? Will you say “I can see myself doing these? Or will you be totally surprised about yourself?


Behi said...

Woooooow, this question is something that I never though of till now that you brought that up!!
I should think...
There was so much going on in my life through the past three years but mostly in the last year.
I guess, one of the things that I would do before realizing that the time has moved on was calling you to set a date to go to chitgar for cycling :) and baaaaaaaam, no more Hiva jooni around, no chitgar but a totally different house and city from the one we used to live, hmmm...I should think more before making this scary conclusion that I didn't do much during the past three years :))).

Somi said...

It's nice finding a Hiva in George blog who loves Namjoo and is a writer of life book.
Nice to meet you.

Somi said...

and about your question... 3 years ago I did't think about having a child even for 1 minute but now I'm proud of being Rozana's mother.