Thursday, May 21, 2009

An Accident!

Monday early in the morning I have a flight to St. John's. I had some last minute shopping, thus Nima drove me to the nearby mall. The initial plan was that he drop me off at mall and head to gym himself. Right before he dropped me off I saw an old man trying to sit on a flat stone, suddenly he lost his balance and fell down on his forehead.
Nime stopped a car right away and I ran toward him. There was blood allover his face.

-You OK? Let me help you sit down

I looked at his face, it was like an old wound open up. the cut was deep and it was bleeding strongly. Two other young girls also hurried toward us.

-Are you guys fine?
- He fell down on his forehead. He is bleeding.
-Let's call 911

We helped him sit back and press some clinex on the wound to help his bleeding stop. 911 asked different kind of questions, I think it took about 5 minutes.
- how old is he? (a 911 operator asked)
-How old are you? we asked him
-I'm 90 something (he answered), I was in world war II (he added)
-Does he feels drowsy?...Is he diabetic?...Is he using specific medicine? (and some other detailed questions that operator asked before deciding to send an ambulance.)

-Good, they are on their way. (a girl who was talking on the phone said)

At this time another car stopped and a lady came out.

-Is he doing fine? (she asked)
- I am a nurse, let me check him! .. she came closer, looked at his wound. Then ask him if he know his name. if he has any numbers, we could call. She looked at his wallet and find a phone number. She called and found his wife on the line.

-Mam your husband fell down in front of the mall, he is fine now. the ambulance is on the way. She brought a bottle of water and helped him drink.
-OK guys I'm living now the ambulance will be here soon. Talk to him don't let him sleep

We start talking to him, one of the other girl asked him about his experience in war to keep him awake.

-How much time do you have? (an old man asked)
-I have time, I should have time, to help you so maybe one day when I fell down someone else take care of me (the lovely girl answered)

Nima went to guide the ambulance toward us. Finally they showed up and we could leave.
We say goodbye to them. The all things took about 40 minutes.

-Oh Nima don't you wanna go to gym? (I asked him)
-Nay forget it, let's go to the mall.

Don't think he was looking for any excuses :))


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Bonjour Hiva,

Just let me tell you that I liked this story very much. In the midst of life.


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:))) Happy to hear that