Friday, May 29, 2009

A Trip In a Glance

Kissing Nima goodbye
Having 1 hour delay in flight to St. John's
Settling down in MUN grad lab with my suitcase ;)
Texting to Nima
Having dinner with Eily and Ashkan my lovely friends
Meeting Shawn, my supervisor from 9 to 12
Talking to Nima on the phone
watching my supervisor gorgeous twins, surrounded in the most colorful toys
Calming my mom on the phone after a bad dream my younger sister had about me
Having a good laugh with 15 Iranians of MUN at UC
Catching up with close friends
Wishing a friend having fun at Hawaii
Solving middle east and the world problems after having delicious dinner
Counting 10000 sheep after a late night tea
watching pretty Asian girl having extra large coffee for the breakfast
Meeting my British smart supervisor early in the morning, talking about 'English got talent' show
Reading an article that Harper government is going to sell another company
Hiking a long way with Eily
Licking an ice cream while my friends are talking
Talking to Nima before sleep
Counting another 10000 sheep
Blogging Friday morning in grad lab
going to have presentation in the afternoon

Are some of my latest St. John's trip highlights...


Behi said...

There was so much going on around you and all sounds really refreshing! :) Enjoy the rest of your stay and have a safe trip back home, boos

Tazeen said...

interesting way to document ....

Hiva said...