Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Start Counting Down

These days I'm busy making slides, writing reports..In two weeks I have another trip to St. John's to meet my supervisors and to attend a conferee. When I come back, in less than a week I'll be on my way to Iran. It has been more than a year and a half that I haven't seen my family.

My mom was telling me she starts making my favorite jam, drying some vegetable from our yard so that I can bring them back. When you are away from those who you love, you really don't feel it until you go back to them. Right there you feel , Gosh what I was missing. I was talking to couple of friends who haven't seen their families for more than 5 or 12 years. For me it sounds impossible.

Anyway it's going to be a very busy month for me but I like it this way. My heart becomes wam by the idea of vising my family again..Cheerssss


Anonymous said...

Good for you Hiva, have a lovely trip honey!:)

Deep Blue Sea said...

Shall I ask You something.If You miss them so much why do Live so far away?
Maybe seeking a better life?But then Do u ever feel at home in ur adopted country?Arent Always an outsider,never a native?U try to Adopt their culture attitudes and stuff and 'make effort' to be one amongst them? Is it worth ?

P.S - These are questions I am Tryin to find answers even as I Look forward to fly away to the Promised land.{I may have sounded as If I know all answers and questioning U.But the truth is I wanna Hear from u as an Expat}

Hiva said...

Nasim TNX :))

DBS: Well that's a tough question, I came to Canada to pursue my study in better environment. I have a comfortable life, it's not hard for me to adopt to this new country. specially because all around me are people from different countries (most of my friends are immigrant from other countries themselves).
Personally I am quite happy with my life, with my education..
But yes, I do miss my family. I asked myself several times does it worth to be away from them?
Sometimes you have to fly away to find your way and everything has a price. The love of my family gave me wings to fly and I did...:))

Behi said...

Are you going to leave there to St.John's before Friday? Because I was hoping to talk to you on Friday! I had to leave home so early and come back late since Monday. I hope I can talk to you before you fly to Iran.
Have a safe trip Hiva joonam and good luck with your presentation and every thing,
moraghbe khodet bash,

Georg said...

Wish you lots of joy in your home country and have a safe trip back.

I know from other Iranians that family ties amongst your people are very tight. And each family seems to be very big, kind of klan.

So be happy.


roia said...


I look forward to reading your postings about your trip... What kinds of vegetables did your mother dry for you? What cities will you visit? I'm dreaming of traveling to Iran in 2010, my first time back since 1971 - I'm sure it will have changed in many ways!

Hiva said...


If you haven't been in Iran since 1971, you are going to be totally surprised. I left Iran in 2005 and came back three times but each time I saw people changed, country changed in so many aspects.

Well the v egtables are : mint, parsley, etc from our yard :))