Thursday, October 08, 2009

It's October 8th

It's Nima's birthday. He is talking to two of his friends called him from Iran to say happy birthday. Nima have some special friends that I love them all so much. They know each other from teen years. When Nima left Iran, these friends every year on October 8th went to Nima's parents place to celebrate his birthday. Every year for about 8 years they never stop that visit on October 8th. This year that Nima's parents are not in Iran they call him instead. This is true friendship, strong, reliable and heartwarming.
I wish Nima have these wonderful friends in his book of life for ever.
Happy Birthday Sweetheart


marjan said...

Hello Hiva,
Say my warm hello to Nima and hope you both have wonderful time together.How nice feeling he has, when he knows he has this kind of friends beside himself.(what a strange grammar I used to express my opinion)!!!:))any way,Enjoy his birthday

Behdokht said...

Hiva joonam, have a great celebration together and many many happy ones ahead of you for many many years! :)

Hiva said...

Merci Bacheha juuuuuun

Anonymous said...

Hiva jan,
Happy birthday to Nima!

Ahmad said...

Hi Hiva
Hppy birthday to Nima
and hope you have a great time
whit your family.

Hiva said...

Thanks alot :d

Georg said...

Best wishes to both of you in your Northern abode.


Hiva said...

thanks George :)