Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Waiting for a job opening

If there is an opening for "Part time animal's baby huger" please let me know. I have a strong resume for your information.
- With more than 10 years experience in hugging different dog's cubs even occasionally feeding them when their mommy was not around.
- Also I have a passionate attempt to raise 5 sparoow chicks whose mother abandoned them after our gardener found her nest behind an old window's cover.
- One in a life time experience in hugging a large crow as big as myself (at the age of 6/7)
- and finally hugging chickens, lamb, colt, rabbits, kittys are only a fraction of my capabilities
Any Koalas', Polar bears', Foks', Lemurs' babies out there, feels lonely I'm here for you :D


Behdokht said...

akheei, you may consider keeping a pet some time in future... That's part of who you are, seriously ;) :).

Hiva said...

:D I might seriously consider being a wild life nanny for a while :)

marjan said...

Hi If I can not find job, could you please train me your professional experiences? Here in St.john's maybe polar bears regarding to global warming don’t have quite enough cold winter ,so maybe they need some body come and hug them, it is good job opportunity for me!
Or whales or puffins need hugging too, who knows!

Hiva said...

Hahahaha I'm just trying to imagine Nasser's face when he realizes you want to become a Polar bear's nanny :D

Tazeen said...

part time baby animal hugger!

you gotta get points for being specific :)

Hiva said...

:D I thought that might help my potential employee