Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Trip to Prince Edward Island

Green Gables (PEI)
The house that inspired L. M. Montgomery
Anne Shirley's room

Prince Edward Island is one of the most scenic places I've ever seen. Green island surrounded with blue ocean, with colorful farms makes it just like a perfect painting. I loved driving along the island passing trough small hills painted in yellow, orange, green...
We visited Green Gables the birth place of L. M. Montgomery the writer of Anne of Green Gables. There was a house decorated in a way to visualize Ann's house as described in book. At gift shop it was all about Anne, dolls in different sizes, the book, several DVDs, fridge magnets,etc. We didn't have that much time but the best thing to do is to stay there for a night and rent a bike , go around the island, maybe next time ;)
P.S. Pictures are all taken by Nima

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Behi said...

Woww Anne of Green Gables! So interesting! And very beautiful photos.