Thursday, November 10, 2011

Open or Close

What kind of office environment do you prefer? open or closed?
Open concept means 2 to three and in my case 6 people share a space at work. You have your own desk but no walls. In closed concept you either have your own room (which is barely a case for most of staff) or you have your own cubicle.
In our office the open concept dose not work for me. Where I sit there are few people who really mistake the office with the coffee shop. All day long you can hear giggling, chit chatting, non-stop. Some days they talk (specially one of them) in a way that you think if they stop talking they might die.  I was talking with another colleague of mine who was upset with this open concept too. He told me the way these poeple act you and I looked like an anti-social creatures, by Sitting on our chair, facing toward screen and working for 8 hours a day.
If we are working in an open concept environment  we should/we must respect each other. Instead of chit chatting all day long or taking care of our personal businesses on the phone, we should keep it quite for those who bother working.
I told about these things to my husband and he was shocked. He told me in their office people barely talk together about non-related work stuff.
Our previouse manager once send these gang an e-mail and warned them about their behaviour but then he leftt. Now we have new manager. But considering when he is around they keep it down. I don't know how long it would take for him to find out what is going on.
I know myself. If I am so annoyed by the level of unprofessional behaviour of some of my colleages it can't be only me. Sometimes I decide to speak up but then I am telling to myself wait for the good news.


Georg said...

Bonjour Hiva,

These things can happen everywhere.
But there is one point to be taken into consideration. If these people are able to talk all day long, how do they manage with the job assigned to them?

Or have they been engaged without anything to do?


Hiva said...

When they are not that busy they feel free to talk for log hours. And sometimes they just do 2hrs job in 6 hrs ..