Monday, September 24, 2012

My woolly Friend

I saw Its face first on the website called The Houzz. It just entranced me. I couldnt took my eyes off its little cute face. I could see the innocne in his face but it wasnt just that. Its pink smiling lip, pink shining little nose, pink ears standing up showing his awarness, and the way he kept his head high up showing his pride all bewitched me. I found the photographer Sharon Montrose's website she is a baby animal photographer. :)
After a week keep looking at him I finally order the print, now I am going to hang Woolly picture somewhere I can see everyday. To me his face is full of life, very positive and optimistic, he  looks curious and funny.  
It's interesting yesterday I was watching this TED video by Jane McGonical a game designer who was saying looking at baby animal's face actually increasing your life span.   There you go Woolly on the wall :D Love it

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