Sunday, September 02, 2012

Paris Highlights

We knew we couldn't see Paris in 3 days thus we decided to sample the most romantic city of the world.
My colleague told me " listen if you needed to ask for guidance from Parisians, remember three things 1) they like greeting 2) they like to be acknowledged and 3) ask them if they can speak English but in French.  thus if you need to ask you will say Bonjour Madam/Monsior, parlez-vous anglais?

Taking advice from my sister and brother in-law who are experts on Paris "things to do", and my colleague, we headed to Paris from Rotterdom on express train.

Did the city wowed me? Oh yeah, just one word "charmant"

3-4 stories building with white stone finishing, petite balcony surrounded with black fence, delicate vintage design, and Granium plant decorating outside of each window that caught my eyes first.

Narrow streets pointing to a charming hill or a church, infinite number of cafe and restaurants, boutiques. My sister in-law told me drink as much coffee as you can, my brother in-law told us try baguettes anywhere you can. We did our best :)

We went to this restaurant recommended by my brother in-law "Le Relais de l'Entrecote" which was famouse for its steak with the most addictive sauce. The sauce recipe apparently is a secret, many men tired never succeed to remake it "un tel secret". We loved the food the steak was amazing and thin sliced French fries were unbelievable. We went back there the night after I think, we became addicted after the first try. :D

Another place that I liked very much was a pastry shop called "Pierre  Herme" the Picasso of the pastries as Navid said. Colorful fresh macarons with different tastes very yummy, the pastries looked very sexy each has a unique design. I got three pastries each cost about 6 Euro worth every penny :) my cousin Behi got 6 macarons with different tastes we ate them all on train back home except for one which is still in  the fridge waiting for a right moment to be eaten.  

Paris is alive city I feel. Many people are stylish, woman with makeup and accessories are adding to this city's charm. Watching many people sitting outside of the cafe drinking, eating and watching pedestrians all sounds cool to me. So many smokers in streets got my attentions I should say. Metro lines were so many but the subway stations were kind of unpleasant because of strong smell of urine, litters here and there. Well nothing is perfect. 

right behind Notre Dame Cathedral, on Pont de l'Archevêché I bought a lock for 3 Euro, wrote Nima's and my name on it, hardly found a spot on the bridge fence and put the lock around it. I throw the key into the river. Can I find the key if I came back after years? Who cares

I do have some pretty pictures that I will share later.

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