Saturday, September 08, 2012

Remember Today

I spent a week with Behi and Behrouz (my cousin and her husband). I am recharged, happy and calmer now. We haven't been together this long since I came to Canada which is about 7 years. Every morning Behi prepared lovely breakfast table:
1- A bowl of different berries: red gooseberry, blackberry, strawberry and rasberry
2- Freshly baked baguette, buns and croissant tasted so good
3- Bulgarian cheese tasted very much like Tabrizian cheese of Iran
4- Butter
5- Sunny-side Eggs
6- A glass of freshly squeezed orange
7- Cappuccino
8- Tea, different kinds offered in a beautiful French tea box
Nima was telling me he still thinks about us sitting around a table for an hour enjoying the meal and chatting.

Behi and I talked. I bombard her with any topics I wanted to tell her but didn't have a chance. We tried to tell each other how much each of us changed since last time we have been together. We realized we both grown up.
Behrouz always liked photography and this time I noticed that he came a long way and becomes a very skilled photographer. He showed us some of the photos he has taken, which was absolutely brilliant. He took a gorgeous photo of Nima and I with Eiffel tower. That day there where hundreds of people around the giant metal tower but in the photo it's just Nima and I with the Eiffel alone. I have the photo beautifully sitting in our TV room reminds of so many good things.
I told Behi this phrase from the Lord of the Ring movie, there is a scene that Boromir coming back from a victory celebrating with his brother Faramir. He said to him "Remember Today little Brother, Today Life is Good". 


Behi said...

I feel so great whenever you are around, it seemed like a dream, a very sweet one. Love you

Deep Blue Sea said...


The food looks and sounds delicious. Looking forward to photos of Paris.

I remember being in Paris. The night time was beyond words. We stayed at hotel with a view of Eiffel tower and it was just unbelievable.

Did your cousin-in-law ;-) take pictures at night. Would love to see a good night time picture of Paris.

Deep Blue Sea

Hiva said...

Behi ... :)

I will upload some of the photos ASAP, We didn't took any pictures from Paris night maybe next trip