Sunday, May 05, 2013

Fidgeting in Bed

It's Sunday night again and I won't be able to sleep at 10: pm. During weekdays I get use to this routine of 10 to 6 but it only takes me two nights to come out of this habit.

Weather was gorgoues this weekend here in Toronto and you can imagine that everybody was out. There is a beautiful park in Toronto called High Park. The main feature of the park is cherry trees that Japan gave them to the park as a gift. This weekend the trees were in full blossoms.
Two sides of a curvy narrow roads covered with branches bended toward the road and covered with white magnificent cherry blossoms. Of course there were so many people all jumping up and down the trees, you dont want to miss the scenery which only comes few days a year.

We were walking down the road from top of the hill toward the pond with blossoms everywhere. The whole thing was surreal. We took few pictures with minimum 10 strangers in each photo with us smiling to their own camera :)

Anyway winter is gone and Torontonian are finally getting some sun. I try to go to sleep now :)

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Behdokht said...

Enjoy the warmth and the sunshine! :)