Friday, July 17, 2009

Bravo My Proud Iranian Fellows

I'm following the news from Iran like so many other of my Iranian friends everyday. God knows how proud I am. I am proud of you guys, for your mature act and behavior in response to savageness , darkness and cruelty . I am proud of your sincerity and braveness.
Despite all those limitations, how this mature, wise, brave, open minded, aware generation formed? Guys I am so proud of you!!!
Democracy can't be given to any nation as a gift. Democracy is a goal to be reached to. every nation has to pass the path to democracy on their own feet. There is no free ride. If we don't feel the necessity of having a freedom of speech/act with our skin, democracy won't come or if it comes easy through outsiders interference it will go easy and won't last.
I remember my math teacher back in high school used to say: "If I solve 100 problems for you; you won't learn as much as you solve 1 problem by yourself"
My people are solving a hard problem of "how to reach to real democracy" these days.
God Bless you All
Be safe and sound


deluded said...


Hiva said...


Georg said...

Bonjour Hiva,

Just let me tell you that I share you views about democracy a hundred percent.

Maybe this passage through a religious state will open the way to democracy in Iran. Maybe.

This said all those Iranians I meet on the Internet are educated and well travelled.

But there must be others, those who stay on the dark side, who yell "death to......". How many are they, that is the question.


Hiva said...

Hi George,
I know what you mean. It is said that Ahmadinejad's followers are less educated or very traditional and religious people. But I saw many people from different family class ,religious, and non-religious families who share the same wish for democracy. I still believe we have a long way till majority of people in Iran, (not just educated ones) really understand the importance of having democracy and freedom of ideas, speech..But I am optimistic :)

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I also feel proud of the response of these Iranians, I have many friends in that country and I feel good about it!