Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Hanna beats Barbie

I remember two years ago when I came back to Iran, I found out that my niece (Ava) loves Barbie. This time I asked her what she like me to bring to her. I remember the conversation.

-Do you know Hanna Montana, Aunt Hiva? (She asked me)

- No, who is she honey? (I answered and at the same time googled the name)

- She is a singer and actress. Can you buy her latest movie for me please?

- Sure, sure, I’ll bring it to you sweetie!

I bought one of her latest DVD for Ava and also a book of her lyrics and some shirts. Ava is so into her when Hanna is on TV we literally can’t talk to Ava; she simply can’t hear you :).

She is not that interested in Barbies any more. One day I went to her room and noticed there are plenty Barbie girls around.

-Ava! why so many? (I asked her)

- Dad and mom and my friends bought these for me

It seems during last year every person who wanted to gave her a gift found a Barbie girl as the safe option, but apparently it’s not the best choice anymore.

Ava’s Barbies in different sizes and dresses amazed me, I put them all together and took some pictures. Can you find the lucky Barbie boy???


Behi said...

akheeeei :)

Georg said...

Bonjour Hiva,

Back from holidays in the Pyrenees I am thoroughly enjoying this one.

Here, they are showing the Barbie girls the Iranians might enjoy and they are wearing the hijab, that black ugly hide-all cloth.

As to Hanna Montana, never heart of her but I know from family, little girls have a taste of their own. Here in France, they seem to prefer those androgyn singers, neither male or female, with strange high-up voices. Maybe Hanna belongs to the same crew.

Cheers, Hiva, cheers to you and your family. Life is great and we are in the midst of it.


Hiva said...

Thanks George
Cheers to you too