Friday, July 24, 2009

If I win a lottery...

If I win a lottery, I will save some of it for traveling with these experts around the world!!!

National geography travel section has several delicious travel programs, like a trip to the heart of Africa or to the far far away land of Antarctica to watch emperor penguins, or 12-day adventure on New Zealand’s South Island (how about that)

But everything has a price, if you can spare $60,000 , get ready for your 24-day trip around the earth in a privet jet :)


Banafshe said...

you've been tagged!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hiva jan,

many thanks for you comment.
and sorry, it seems like two comment windows were open and I commented mistakenly on your blog ;D for Behi

Enchanted soul

Hiva said...

:)) It happens to me too sometimes

Georg said...

Hallo Hiva,

A visit to the heart of Africa might be a trying experience, civil war, squalor, poverty. As to the Emperor Penguins, better leave them alone, they don't like foreigners and certainly not tourists who wish to pat them on the head, make pics and leave trash. And in Southern N.Z. it rains continuously: therefore the British settled there, they felt like home there.

Just take a car or a cycle and visit places in Canada, should be exciting. And if you had it already done, what about coming over here to do the same thing. Forget the Eiffel Tower, Verseilles, Waterloo Bridge, Windsor Castle or Neu-Schwanenstein: no,the real country is waiting for you.

Cheers anyway

Hiva said...

:)) I love to..maybe someday in future