Monday, July 06, 2009

Coming back to normal life

I came back from Iran.
So many things that I probably won't talk about, so many images that I would never forget.
Iran I went to is not the same country that I left. Something happened, I don't know how long it will take but change is on its way...

Nima and I arrived home late at night, we took a sleep pill and went to bed. Yesterday we tried to rest; had a little shopping , checking e-mails, doing some laundry, yeah we returned to our normal life.

Today I am trying to catch up. I made a note for myself before I left home month ago so that when I came back I knew what I'm supposed to do for the research. It's a big help believe me.

The weather is so nice, around 20 degree It is not like Toronto summer at all. I'll write more about my trip as soon as I catch up a little.

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Behi said...

Welcome back home! I lost the time that you were supposed to return so that was about this time :). Hope you enjoyed your stay there and I'm sure you did. Hope we can talk before I leave.