Friday, July 05, 2013

Few lines on my summer life

Few days ago I noticed that our beautiful pine tree is loosing leaves. I got closer and noticed hundreds of sawflies larva chewing happily off the tree. In only few days the top part of the tree left naked, no leaves. I headed to Home Depot , got a bottle of insecticide soap and sprayed all over the tree. 

Also my herb garden is under attack with little green aphids. I didn't dare to spray the herbs. I wil wait to see if it gets worse. The pine tree still has many larvae who survived the first spray. I will try tomorrow and see how many will survive the second attack :)

Today I had my first swiming class session. The class was supposed to include three students but apparently I am the only one who registered. :):)

I took swiming class about 10 years ago with my cousin. We spent two terms and significantly progressed. It was so much fun for the two of us learning to swim. Our instructor was a young enthusiastic girl and she did a great job teaching us. I remember one time, Behi and I didn't practice and were behind everybody else , she sent us to the corner and said ' you two grab the pool edge and only practice foot kicks for 15 minutes. ' Behi and I were laughing, feeling like a child that teacher gave them extra homework. :)

Today in the pool I was the only adult student. The rest of the pool was filled with 4 or 5 years old kids whose parents were filming them and encouraging them to learn. 


Behdokht said...

OMG! Before moving to the paragraph you wrote about how we got our extra homework, I was thinking exactly about that! :))) It was so so much fun. Remember that we decided to spend some extra hours after the class just to practice more, and how we ended up changing our minds? :D These memories are of the funniest memories I'm holding so dearly from Tehran! All those genuine laughs we had with every piece of our bodies... :))
Wishing your plants a quick recovery by the way. Love u

Hiva said...

Khoshi boodim Behi